Mother Earth’s Natural Generators of Color Therapy

By Drew Lawrence

Adj pp 15.inddMuch has been written and tested in the ever-expanding realm of color therapy. But many people do not realize that the most potent form of color therapy forged by Mother Nature is precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Not only is this arguably the easiest way in which to improve your well being through the potency of the colored light spectrum, but you can be fashionable and the talk of the party all at the same time. What woman doesn’t fawn and ogle when she sees a beautiful stone, such as an emerald or a diamond on the hand of another woman whom she has just met? And what woman doesn’t enjoy the attention such a precious gem may bring her?

Why do you think gemstones have held sway over the minds of women and men for centuries? Simply because of their beauty? No, each stone has a vibrational affinity with each of the seven visible colors of the spectrum as well as the two invisible rays, infra-red and ultra-violet. When you wear the semi-precious, or better yet, precious stones that correspond with each of the colored rays from red to violet, your health is actually being enhanced and improved according to the ancient system of Vedic Astrology, a close relative of Ayurvedic medicine.

a2The universe is pervaded and sustained by cosmic rays or electromagnetic vibrations. These cosmic rays may be identified through the spectrum of colors which are perceivable when light is refracted. Each of the seven major planets reflects one of these seven cosmic rays. In the course of their rotations and revolutions, the planets release their magnetic forces through these cosmic rays. How these rays may affect you personally is determined by the situation of the planets in your horoscope at the time of your birth.

Gemstones are a crystallized or concentrated form of cosmic rays. When a planet is in a weakened or afflicted state in your natal horoscope, its corresponding stones will enhance the effects of the cosmic ray or vibration which is insufficiently conveyed by the weakened planet.

Wearing of various precious and semi-precious gems or the fabled Navaratna pendant of all nine gems can restore health, wealth and harmony in relationships. It can improve one’s prospects for success and acclaim. It can lift flagging spirits and lighten the cloud of despondency. It can bestow insight and intuitive knowledge. It can open a closed heart or heal a wounded one, thus paving the way for love and romance. This ancient science has been used for thousands of years. Its secrets are revealed in this article.

Benefits chartVedic Astrology or Jyotish, is the original system of astrology dating back around 3000 BC, India. It comes from the Sanskrit Vedas or books of knowledge which deal with the science of karma, yoga, reincarnation and self-realization. Using this ancient window into samsara or the soul’s journey, your life purpose, your true identity and your soul’s path in this lifetime can be seen with great accuracy. The cycles of karmic unfolding or your soul’s higher plan for this life as well as the timing of events can also be accurately determined.